A Whole New Dinosaur Park

jurassic world banner

After waiting for years, the new movie finally came out to the big screen after the disappointment of the last Jurassic Park 3 on June 12, 2015. Even though this is another Jurassic Park series movie, don’t be tempted to watch the three previous Jurassic Park movies if you haven’t watched yet or have ready forgotten the stories. This one, Jurassic World, might turn out to be your favorite one without comparison with the previous three movies. From what I have heard, most of my friends said Jurassic Park 1 is classic and their favorite one. But for me, I don’t really have a preference. I like all of the Jurassic Park series movies.


After 22 years’ failure of Jurassic Park, the new park, as know as Jurassic World, is taken by new corporation and open for business. The new park is located on an off-shore island near Costa Rica with high technology operated system and luxury resort. Tons of tourists come to the park to have closer-look experience with dinosaurs. Since the visiting guest amount largely increased, the park wants to open up a new attraction with a more teeth and more dangerous genetically-modified dinosaur called Indonimus Rex. The park plunges into chaos when Indonimus Rex breaks loose from the cage and runs rampant in the park.

I won’t spoil all the storylines of the movie to those who haven’t watched yet. You have to go watch the movie and figure out the rest of the movie by yourself. Please don’t ask me that “is it worthy to watch the 3D version or not?” because I watched the normal version without 3D effect. But I think Jurassic World will be a massive hit.


What I like about Jurassic Park is the relationship between 4 raptors ( Blue, Charlie, Delta, Echo) and Owen Grady ( the alpha and the trainer of those 4 raptors). It is pretty amazing that the raptors would follow Owen’s orders. In the previous Jurassic Park 3, raptors were shown as very intelligent and have quick movement. They were the dangerous dinosaurs but now they turn to the good one. This is pretty interested to me.

Anyway, everyone should take some time and go watch Jurassic World if you haven’t done so.