Duan Wu Jie Dragon Boat Festival

dragon boat

The past Saturday (6/20/2015) was one of the biggest festival, Dragon Boat Festival, in Asia. I totally forgot about it until one of my friend in Taiwan called and told that they were having a long weekend. Then I realized, this is my first time have to celebrate this holiday by myself.

Dragon Boat Festival is also known as the DuanWu Festival in Chinese-speaking countries in Asia. It is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunar calendar. This is a traditional holiday that commemorate the life and death of a Chinese famous poet Qu Yuan(Chu Yuan).

How we celebrate this festival are where families make and eat rice dumplings (zongzi), drink special wine (xionghuangjiu), and race dragon boat. People can figure out Dragon Boat Festival is coming when you see rice dumplings (zongzi) are selling in any Chinese markets. Some family will get together and make rice dumplings together, which is kind of like Thanksgiving in USA.



Each families have their own rice dumplings’ recipes. In Taiwan, we have Northern and Southern style dumplings. How the dumplings are cooked is the biggest difference. Northern style dumplings have more angular grained rice because you fried everything first before you wrap it. Southern style dumplings have more sticky rice with light flavored, and also you steam it till well cooked.

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